Rajesh ji was my first yoga teacher and he is amazing. He can relax your mind He can relax yourself and he can explain everything in this world until he can explain everything in yoga. He is the best teacher in my life and this is true

Daryna Pakhomova, Ukraine

Teacher Rajesh,

I am so grateful you were my teacher! And I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the effort you have taken during 200 YTT. From day one & first class i notice your deep passion about yoga with a great knowledge about philosophy and extremely awareness of the mind-body connection. I enjoyed every class every day. I learned way more than i expected. You really help me changed the way I thought about life. Your classes philosophy, anatomy & meditation are just so inspirational. Thank you for inspiring me to keep learning more, and for inspiring me to help others the way you have. I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done and wish you all the best.

Unforgettable yoga teacher!


Hanan Alsalahi
Senior Clinical Dietitian
Saudi Arabia

“Hi hello everyone I would like to take a moment to talk about Rajesh ji. I was lucky enough to have him taught me everything that I know about yoga the philosophy and of course the physical aspects of it. That’s for me was the most important thing the beginning and I came to realize by his guidance that the emotional aspect and the mental aspect of it’s so much more important than actually the physical so I can say that I was very very lucky to have Rajesh Ji as my teacher and I think I also like to have him as a friend. He’s a very capable teacher and has a lot of knowledge and wisdom and of course followed with a big big enormous heart. So if you have the chance to be taught by him I would take it and I will take again and again and again”

Ingrid Gomes, Brazil

“I had the pleasure and opportunity to take a month-long training course with yogi Rajesh ji and I not just learned so much from him, I grew so much from being present with him and from what he had to share with me. I think one of the things that really struck me was with his style is that he has tremendous amount of knowledge, incredible amounts of wisdom but he also has an incredibly just loving and caring and compassionate heart and he combines those to in all of the ways that the teaches so that you get not just the information but you get the spirit and the reason and the understanding behind it..”

Edwin Ebinger, USA

“Yogi rajash is someone that honestly has been a game changer to me. I’ve been on my way to becoming a professional fighter before but unfortunately that dream was hindered by a slew of injuries. I also suffer other injuries that are quite chronic which caused my flexibility to suffer quite well. Since I’ve joined yogi Rajesh, his yoga and his intricate and meticulous attention on holding poses and making sure that I follow the techniques properly as well as being mindful of my body, of my limitations as well as accepting where I am and taking things in stride. That was a major game changer for me so he is a definite recommendation from my side for anyone who is looking to venture with him. i think he’s an important asset in anyone’s well-being.”

Muhammad Al mulki , Syria